Asphalt Density Gauge (Non-Nuclear) NL 2028 X / 001
Asphalt Density Gauge (Non-Nuclear) NL 2028 X / 001


Asphalt Density Gauge (Non-Nuclear) NL 2028 X / 001

Standard: ASTM D7113; AASTHO T 243-12

Bitumen Content

The density of asphalt pavement is directly proportional to the measured dielectric constant of the material. edg-2a uses electrical waves to measure dielectric constant using an innovative, toroidal electrical sensing field established by the sensing plate. the electronics in the edg-2a convert the field signals into material density readings and displays the results. Once calibrated, direct density readings can be consistently obtained.

EDG-2A can be used in three different measurement or run modes, respectively:
- Single reading mode continuous reading mode
- Average reading mode
- Single reading time less than five (5) seconds.
- Average averages five (5) readings and stores data including date and time.
- Stores thousands of records continuous instantaneous density readings.
- Segregation identifies variations in material density associated with segregation.

- No radioactive materials or special license required
- Light weight and easy to use
- 24 hours of portable operation
- Measures density in common units (Kg./M3)
- Measures for asphalt temperature
- Stores 4000 readings on internal Data Logger


Technical Specifications:

 Model Number  NL 2028 X / 001
 Temperature Detection  0°C to 350°C
 Sensing Area  11-inch Diameter
 Max. Measurement Depth     110 mm
 Measurement Display  Density % Compaction, Surface Temperature, Mix Name & Project Name     
 Battery  2.5 Ah NiMH, 12V (recharge time 4 hours)
 Battery Charger  12V / 1000mA Universal AC Charge
 Dimension  490(L) x 220(W) x 390(H) mm
 Weight  9 kg

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