Channel Temperature Meter (Datalogger) NL 7099 X / 001
Channel Temperature Meter (Datalogger) NL 7099 X / 001


Channel Temperature Meter (Datalogger) NL 7099 X / 001

Temperature Measurement

Multi Channel Temperature Meter is a temperature measuring instrument designed to give you reliable, accurate temperature measurements from multiple points at the same time.

This temperature meter is suitable for a wide variety of temperature applications including home appliances, motors, heating appliances, temperature controllers, transformers, ovens, thermal protectors, lighting, power supplies and many, many more.

Ten Channel Temperature Meter is compatible with various types of temperature sensors - you can use type K, J, E, T, N, S, B and R type thermocouples with this meter. There are 3 different sampling rates available on this meter: 200 ms, 500 ms & 1 s.

A high quality, full colour 7 inch LCD display gives you quick and easy access to all measurements, while a touch panel with secondary function keys make the instrument as simple to use as possible. Measured data can be displayed or graphed, ready for further analysis as and when needed.

Using the built-in comparator, it's possible to individual set upper/lower values for each channel. It also includes RS-2323 remote control (with support for max baud rate of 115200bps and compatible with SCPI protocols and ASCII transmission), a built-in 10M network card, USB host interface (can externally connect to USB-disc with support for external USB mouse) and an SD card interface to expand the memory storage.


Technical Specifications 

 Model Number  NL 7099 X / 001
 Alternate Code  AT4716
 Sensor Type (Compatible)  Thermocouple type - K,J,E,T,N,S,B, & R
 Sampling Rate  Slow : 1 s
 Medium : 500 ms
 Fast : 200 ms
 Resolution  0.01 °C / 5 digits

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