Rebar Scanner NL 4041 X / 003
Rebar Scanner NL 4041 X / 003
Rebar Scanner NL 4041 X / 003
Rebar Scanner NL 4041 X / 003


Rebar Scanner NL 4041 X / 003

Standard : ASTM A615/A AND 615M, DIN 488

The Rebar Scanner is a portable intelligent non-destructive testing instrument. It is used in the structural inspection of reinforced concrete. Ability to carry out accurate testing on measuring depth of rebar cover and diameter of rebar on the surface of reinforced concrete and ability to analyse distribution of the rebar. The ergonomics design, make it easy to use for long hours. The host is equipped with touchable full colour LCD Screen , 854 x 480 with clear interface.

Ability of testing concrete rebar scanner :
*Large capacity rechargeable battery (6400mAh).
*High detection accuracy.
*High precision linear hall sensor for rebar spacing detection.
*Support stirrup spacing and diameter correction to improve the measurement accuracy of concrete cover depth.
*Professional PC software with intelligent analysis.
*Storage up to 5000 objects and 500,000 measuring point data.
*High power solid transmitting coil for strong anti-interference.

Technical Specifications 
Model Number   NL 4041 X 003
 Alternate Code  LR - G150
 Applicable Change  Ø6mm ~ Ø50mm
 Protective Layer Thickness Range    First Stage : 6 - 90 mm,
Second Stage : 6 - 180 mm
 Max. Allowable Deviation on Concrete Cover Depth  ±1 (mm) : 6-80
 ±2 (mm) : 81 – 120
 ±3 (mm) : 121 – 140
 ±4 (mm) : 141 - 180
 Battery Lifetime  38 Hours
 Power  Built in Chargaable Lithium Battery   
 Mode Data Transmission  Bluetooth or USB
 Dimension  200mm (L) x 125mm(W) x 50mm (H)
*1 Copy of Manual Instruction

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