Rebar Corrosion Tester NL 4049 X / 001


Rebar Corrosion Tester NL 4049 X / 001

Concrete Corrosion Testing

The Rebar Corrosion Tester is specialized apparatus, it is designed according to the electrochemical testing method (natural potential method) of “construction testing technical standard”. The steel corrosion on the structure of concrete reduces the effective section area of steel and increases in volume, which leads to the expansion of concrete, spalling, reinforcement of steel and concrete, and the reduction of bearing capacity, directly affect the safety and durability of concrete structure.

*High detection accuracy (accuracy of corrosion voltage is ±0.1 mv)
*The test result are displayed in hierarchical graphics
*Two working modes of single and double electrode


Technical Specifications 
 Model Number     NL 4049 X / 001
 Alternate Code  ZBL-C310A
 Accuracy  0.1 mV
 Power  Built in chargeable lithium battery, standby time >40 hours   
 Data Storage  234 points
 Screen  160 mm x 128 mm LCD
 Electrode Size  Ø 30 mm x 180 mm
 Test Area  234 m²
 Size  212 mm x 134 mm x 50 mm
 Weight   0.9 kg

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